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Professional Junk Removal and Trash Removal Services Available to You!

Done properly, trash removal is one of the most time-consuming and exhausting projects a homeowner can undertake. If you’re not a person who is flexible, patient, and dexterous, your best option is to hire a professional junk removal company such as Apolo 1 INC.. We are trained to safely remove the trash from your property in Irvine, CA.

Why Hire Pros?

It can be tedious to remove the debris from your property. Some of it will be heavy and you’ll need a lot of manpower to get it out of your garage and move it to the garbage facility. You don’t want people to get injured in the process since it might cause a stampede and other injuries. This is where professionals can come in. They have the manpower, they are trained and use special equipment, and they follow protocols to make the process safer and more efficient. If your home is in need of a professional trash removal service, you won’t go wrong with hiring professionals like us.

We Remove Trash!

Our trash removal service makes use of specialized equipment and follows certain procedures to prevent any accidents or injuries during the process. We’ll be able to remove debris from your garage and other hard-to-reach places. We can get rid of construction debris, old furniture and appliances, and other junk that has no use to you anymore. We’ll dispose of these items properly to prevent them from endangering anyone else. If you want your property to be free of trash, contact our team.

Apolo 1 INC. is a professional junk removal company that can provide the trash removal service you need so that you won’t have to do it yourself. Do you want the debris on your property in Irvine, CA to be removed? No need to look further. Give us a call at (949) 773-4642 today so we can start with the removal right away!

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